The Respect Code of Conduct

At ETH Zurich, people from different cultural backgrounds and in many varied roles and disciplines study, research and work together. Diversity is one of our strengths – and at the same time a challenge: wherever different people come together, there has to be mutual respect.

The DownloadCode of Conduct (PDF, 736 KB) acts as a guideline for how members of our community should treat each other and highlights the values that we stand for.

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Our principles

At ETH Zurich, we treat each other professionally and with mutual respect. We all share responsibility for this: professors, students, lecturers, as well as research, administrative and technical staff, and academic guests.

Respect and responsibility

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We foster a responsible and supportive environment where people treat each other respectfully regardless of origin, education, religion, beliefs, physical ability, gender or sexual identity. If these values are disregarded, we will take action.

Open and fair communication, conflict resolution

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We communicate openly with each other, in a spirit of goodwill. Conflicts are resolved in a fair and objective manner to produce an effective solution. Our culture is built on trust and we welcome constructive criticism. We support an open management culture based on dialogue.

Honesty and integrity

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We work together in a constructive and honest fashion, where personal integrity is key. The methods, data, workflows and results of our scientific research are documented faithfully. A clear distinction is always made between our own work and the work of others. Young researchers are encouraged and promoted in a responsible manner.


Any infringement against the DownloadRespect Code of Conduct (PDF, 736 KB) will result in disciplinary measures or formal action being taken under employment regulations.

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